Groundbreaking Partnership Pairs Open-Ear Headphones With Hands-Free Voice Recognition & AI-Driven 3D Audio Enhancement

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BOCA RATON, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 21, 2021 / -- Conduction Labs is pleased to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Native Voice and Audible Reality to bring the most up-to-date innovative sound technology to consumers. The partnership teams Conduction Labs’ lightweight Allegro open-ear headphones with Audible Reality’s AI-Driven 3D sound, and Native Voice’s hands-free voice recognition, to create a one-of-a-kind safe, portable, personalized, and immersive sound experience.

In partnering with Native Voice and Audible Reality, Conduction Labs’ Allegro open ear headphones add a new dimension to the acclaimed product and its capabilities. In addition to its industry-leading sound delivery, comfort, safety, IPX5 waterproof rating, 15-meter connection range, and decreased risk in hearing damage, Allegro now includes apps from Native Voice and Audible Reality offering DSP music personalization and powerful hands-free voice activation that goes beyond Siri, Alexa, and Hey Google.

“Voice will transform the way Allegro customers interact with voice services like Alexa or Spotify, keeping customers on the move while connecting with multiple assistants and all their skills or actions”, said John Goscha, CEO of Native Voice.

Known for comfort and high-quality directional audio technology, Conduction Labs’ partnership with Native Voice and Audible Reality means Allegro also offers sonic experiences for all types of music and hands-free voice recognition, designed with the active lifestyle in mind.

Allegro is now 3D audio compatible with Audible Reality, which means that audio played through the Allegro with the Audible Reality app will sound bigger, better, and more intense, and will be totally personalized to the user.

Allegro users can access a variety of "vibes" to augment and heighten the sound and mood after downloading the Audible Reality Vibes app and connecting their headsets. The "vibes" are like the ease and convenience of utilizing Instagram filters, but for music rather than photos.

As Conduction Labs Chief Conductor, Bruce Borenstein states, “we are pleased to partner with Native Voice and Audible Reality to enhance the user experience for our customers. Combining the robust hands-free voice recognition application from Native Voice with the ability to personalize your listening experience that Audible Reality delivers with our open ear headphones is a win-win-win for consumers.”

The lightest open ear headphone in the market at just 18 grams, Allegro is not only lightweight, but also utilizes Directional Audio Technology to deliver enhanced panoramic sound through Air Conduction, thus maximizing sound to the listener while minimizing sound to others.

Unlike traditional wireless headphones, Allegro delivers sound without blocking the ear canal or requiring a tight fit, making it optimal for runners, walkers, cyclists, video conferences, gamers, and office workers. Moreover, Allegro does not use bone conduction so there is no vibration. Hence, Allegro open ear headphones are safe, healthy, and comfortable.

Ultra-light at 40% lighter than most other headphones, Allegro gives its users a range of benefits such as low latency Blue Tooth 5.0, 42db microphone, approximately 5-hours playtime at 80% volume, and an open ear design built with comfort and safety in mind. Likewise, Allegro is 40% less expensive than its competitors.

According to Borenstein, “The headphone market continues to grow exponentially, and the consumer has a greater choice than ever before. Our collaboration with Native Voice and Audible Reality helps make that choice for an open ear headphone that much easier.”

ABOUT CONDUCTION LABS: Chief Conductor, Bruce Borenstein, brings with him to Conduction Labs, over thirty years of consumer electronics experience. He is well-known and respected in the industry as the founder of AfterShokz, the first company to offer a consumer open ear headphone product.

Founded in 2020, Conduction Labs, with its creative technology and customer-focused approach, has established itself as a technological leader, consistently seeking to improve the sound experience. Conduction Labs provides open-ear headphone solutions using their distinctive technology at an affordable price. As the Conduction Labs mission statement puts it, “we’re bringing innovative technology into your everyday life, while maintaining safety and comfort in everything we do.”

ABOUT AUDIBLE REALITY: Audible Reality is a 3D audio software company based in Montréal, Canada, specializing in AI-enhanced audio solutions.

ABOUT NATIVE VOICE: Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Native Voice is a B2B company working to link a brand's voice services to consumers directly via an SDK and multi-wake word support.

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