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Soli delivers premium audio to fuel your active lifestyle and keeps you aware of your surroundings with our open-ear design. Plus, the adjustable speakers ensure the perfect fit.

Experience Open-Ear Listening

Soli rests outside your ears and utilizes directional audio technology to send sound waves toward your inner ears.

Long-term comfort

With nothing in your ears, experience a pain-free listening experience.

Secure fit

Ergonomic design loops over the ear, ensuring your headphones stay put.

Hear your surroundings

Listen to music, while also being safe and aware of the world around you.

Premium audio

Deep bass and dynamic range delivers a premium and uncompromised listening experience.
Adjustable Speakers

Soli headphones are equipped with adjustable speakers so you can rotate for the perfect fit and sound.

Multipoint Pairing

Connect to two different devices and seamlessly switch between the two.


Speaker Type Directional Audio
Bluetooth 5.2
Microphone Noise canceling Mic
Single Use Battery Life 8 Hours
Standby Time 160 Hours
Charge Time 2 Hours
Weight 33g
Frequency Response 20Hz-20KHz
Waterproof Rating IPX4
Wireless Range 30 ft (10 meters)


Soli uses Directional Audio Technology to deliver enhanced panoramic sound via Air Conduction. Soli speakers direct the sound waves towards your ears, maximizing sound to you, while minimizing the sound that others can hear.

Soli does not go inside or over your ear canal, keeping your ears open to hearing the environment around you.

1. Press the multifunction button for 2 seconds until the indicator light flashes blue/red and the smart voice prompts “pairing”.

2. Go into your device’s Bluetooth settings and select “Soli” to pair the headset.