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Allegro is built with the active lifestyle in mind. Our directional audio technology delivers premium sound and is paired with an open-ear design that allows you to hear your surroundings when you’re on the go.

Open Ear Design

By using directional audio, nothing goes inside your ear, allowing you to stay safe by hearing the environment around you.

Conduction Labs man wearing black Allegro open-ear headphones

Ultra Light

Weighing in at just 18g, Allegro is the lightest directional audio headphone on the market, providing long term comfort.

Waterproof icon
IPX5 Waterproof

Protects against heavy weather and sweat

Battery icon
5-hour Battery

Long lasting battery for music and calls

Microphone icon

Make or take crystal clear calls

iPhone showcasing the Audible Reality app
Audible Reality

Personalize your listening experience with 3D audio.

iPhone showcasing the Native voice app
Native Voice

Get an on-demand voice service library for hands free control (available on Android devices only. Coming soon to iOS).


Speaker Type Directional Audio
Bluetooth 5.0
Material Polycarbonate & Titanium
Single Use Battery Life 5 Hours
Standby Time 160 Hours
Charge Time 1.5 Hours
Weight 2.8 ounces
Frequency Response 20Hz-20KHz
Waterproof Rating IPX5
Wireless Range 30 ft (10 meters)


Allegro uses Directional Audio Technology to deliver enhanced panoramic sound via Air Conduction. Allegro speakers direct the sound waves towards your ears, maximizing sound to you, while minimizing the sound that others can hear.

Allegro does not go inside or over your ear canal, keeping your ears open to hearing the environment around you.

1. Fully charge your Allegro when you take it out of the box. Allegro comes charged but it is important to fully charge it first. 

2. Power on and Pair Allegro for the first time by pressing the Smart button located on the right earpiece for 3 seconds. Allegro will voice prompt you with “Power On/Pairing and the LED light will blink green and white.

3. Navigate to your devices Bluetooth setting and select Allegro to finish the connection process.

After initial setup, power on and power off the device by using the smart button control. To Power On, press and hold the Smart Button for 3 seconds. Allegro voice assistant will notify you "Power On, Paired." To turn off Allegro, press and hold the Smart Button for 5 seconds.

The Bluetooth connection for Allegro has a reliable range of up to 30 ft (10 meters). Connection distance and performance can be affected by obstacles such as walls or metal, interference from Wi-Fi® or other wireless devices, and the Bluetooth range of the connection device(s).

Allegro can be connected to one device at a time, but can keep track of the last seven devices they have been connected to, dropping the least recently used when a new one is paired.

When powered on, Allegro searches for and connects to the most recently connected active Bluetooth-enabled device. If that device is unavailable, Allegro will attempt to connect to the next most recently connected device.

If you wish to connect to another device, either disconnect the most recent device from Allegro via the device Bluetooth App and start the pairing process over again with the new device. Until you hear “paired”, and the status light is a solid white.

Yes. Allegro’s microphone are designed for excellent sound and noise suppression. They allow you to make and receive calls, as well as access your phone’s default voice assistant like Google Assistant or Siri. 

To answer a call, press the Smart Button one (1) time. 

To hang up a call, press the Smart Button one (1) time.

To reject a call, press the Smart Button two (2) times (double press). 

If you have an Android device and have downloaded our Native Voice App, you can use Native Voice to control numerous functions on your phone (volume open, close apps, etc.) with just your voice.

Triple Press (press the Smart button 3x) to access Siri on an iOS device or Google Assistant on an Android device.

You can control the volume of Allegro in two ways:

1. Voice assistant: Triple Press (3x) the Smart Button to control volume via your device’s voice assistant. 

2. Bluetooth device: Use the volume controls on the connected Bluetooth device, such as the buttons on your smartphone or the volume slider in a music app.

Yes. Allegro is designed to fit comfortably with typical helmets, glasses, sunglasses, and earrings. For best fit, we recommend that you put Allegro on first and then your helmet, glasses or other items.

Lift the weather door located on the front of the right earpiece. Charge Allegro with the supplied micro-USB cable.  

The status light will blink white to indicate that Allegro is charging.  When the light is solid white, Allegro is fully charged.

Allegro will charge from depleted to full in about 1.5 hours and provide approximately 5 hours of continuous play time.

Yes. Allegro is designed for your active lifestyle and will reliably power through workouts and weather. Allegro is IPX5 waterproof rated and will repel sweat and moisture; however, Allegro should not be submerged in water or left out in a wet environment.

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